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“Reger’s Rules” featured in the Evening Standard

Valentine’s can always be a stressful time. For a man, finding the perfect gift is never easy.


Aliza Reger devised a set of purchasing tips to help stop women receiving poorly chosen gifts. Aliza shares in a video with the Evening Standard; “It’s amazing how many men go to a lingerie department, hold out their hands in a cup shape and say, ‘about this big’.”


The Seven Rules feature tips on choosing colour, style and shape to ensure a perfect gift for a perfect Valentine.


  1. Size Matters
  2. Taste Test
  3. Original Sin
  4. Think Before You Thong
  5. Forget Flights of Fancy
  6. Get Touchy Feely
  7. Timing is Everything


With Lingerie from the Reger By Janet Reger and Reger Noir Collections at Debenhams, ‘Reger’s Rules’ sets out to inspire men and women alike to spoil their partner, not just for the perfect Valentine, but to turn the novice lingerie buyer into a pro

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