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“Aliza’s Angels” &JD Williams #WereAllAngels

Following the launch of the hugely successful Always Aliza with JD Williams, a collection for the “doubley-gorgeous-girls” and the fabulous-over-40s who are so often forgotten with high-street fashion.


In tandem with the highly publicised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show JD Williams and Janet Reger teamed up to create a campaign to highlight body diversity and counteract Victoria’s Secret beauty standard based on “young size zero models with long legs and thin waists.”


In an email to HuffPost UK Style, Reger said: ““I designed my collection for JD Williams with real women in mind and I’m so proud to be part of a campaign that champions such women.

“The images projected of so many models are vastly unattainable and it’s important that we celebrate beauty in all forms! I hope my lingerie helps women to feel confident, sexy and comfortable in their own skin.”

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